Personal Skills Audit

Word Count: 690                                            Author: Kimi Ural                                                           Created: 2015




Skill Area Aspect Rating out of 10 How is it used? Qualification held?
Communication Taking Notes 10 I take many notes in class. GCSE, BTEC
Spelling 7 I sometimes make spelling mistakes, that’s why I re read my work until I correct them all.
Writing Letters/Reports 9 I have practice in writing letters from my classes.
Oral Presentation 10 I did many presentations in my sixth form.
Interviewing 5 I have not had experience on interviews yet.
Numeracy Calculating 8 GCSE Maths GCSE
Interpreting Statistics 10 GCSE Maths
Presenting Graphs and Tables 9 GCSE Maths
IT Microsoft Word 10 Sixth Form
Microsoft Excel 4
Internet and Email 10
Working with Others Contributing to a team 10 NCS helped me developing these skills. I contributed to the team with ideas and made a plan for everyone saying what the individuals need to do. I have done this through listening to their preferences of area to work in as well as considering their suitability based on their skills. NCS Certificate
Assertiveness 9
Listening 8
Improving own Learning Time Management and Performance 7 General sixth form work as well as finding a way to get work done, continue socialising and managing the household.
Action Planning 9
Organisational Skills 8
Vocational Skills in Travel and Tourism NCS National Citizen Service ( The Challenge) NCS Certificate
Languages English 10 Everyday Life GCSE
German 10 My mother language GCSE, As Level, A Level
Turkish 7 Friends/while being on holiday As Level, A Level
Chinese 3 Basics through extracurricular
Things I like doing I love travelling and visiting new countries and places to get to know their culture. I also love learning new languages because it develops my communication skills when being on holiday or later on when I work in the travel and tourism industry.
Things that inspire me I look up to successful people such as Casey Neistat and Justin Bieber who started with nothing but got to the top through hard work and believing in themselves. I take an example from these kinds of people and try my best to be as successful as them one day. Also keeping my goals in mind such as travelling the world helps me keep motivated and inspired to work harder.
Things I do not like or feel uncomfortable with I feel uncomfortable when I need to speak on the phone through English being my third language; I sometimes struggle to understand what is said or the person’s accent. Speaking on the phone makes it impossible to see their gestures or facial expressions which make it harder for me to figure out what they may be saying. Although after speaking for a while, I get used to the accent which makes me more comfortable.
Reviewing of personal qualities and greatest strengths I am good at trying to understand other people’s views and coming up with solutions for a problem. I am very confident in speaking in front of people such as presenting a presentation. I am very independent but I also enjoy team work. Also I am passionate about helping others.
Skills One of my greatest skills is the ability to learn languages. I also have good customer service skills through my full time holiday job in turkey. I am very confident towards new people which would help me in future jobs when for example trying to attract new potential customers.
Experiences I have had previous work experience through my 3 months full time holiday job in Turkey. I was selling safari tours to German and English tourists.
Achievements and qualifications I earned my NCS qualification. Within these three weeks I also planned a charity event which we then presented in practice and ended up raising hundreds of pound. Besides NCS I was also part of the student voice team where we had another charity event. My job was partly organizing the event as well as baking cakes and keeping track or everything.
Careers that would suit my strengths  Careers such as a tourist guide, holiday representative and receptionist would suit my strengths because I enjoy communicating with customers as well as using my language skills. Also events management would suit my strengths because I enjoy planning and organising events and enjoy seeing the finished product in the end.


*Note that this assignment has not been corrected since the date it was written for comparison purposes. The writers age was 17 & is meant to represent a Sixth Form/ College writing level.

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