Multi-Centre Long Haul Itinerary

Word Count: 4146                                            Author: Kimi Ural                                                           Created: 2015

Multi-Centre Long Haul Itinerary

A wealthy business couple who have a passion for culture and new destinations go on a multi-centre long haul holiday for 10 days (25th of July – 3rd of August 2016). The customers set off in London, fly to the Philippines over Australia, to New Zealand and back.

 Passenger Details

Passenger 1
Name: Justin Cyrus
Nationality: Canadian
DOB: 01/03/1994 (21)
Mobile Number: 07233 0628

Emergency contact details
Pattie Mallette (Mother)
Mobile Number: 07553 2574

Passenger 2
Name: Miley Cyrus
23/11/1992 (22)
Mobile Number:
07355 6232

Emergency contact details
Billy Ray Cyrus (Father)
Mobile Number: 07741 6656

(25th & 26th of July 2016) Day 1-2: London to Manila
Total Costs:

  • £4.004 for 2 adults in the business class from London to Manila including one stop with the plane company Thai. (
  • Departure from London (LHR) at 18:50, arrival in Bangkok (BKK) at 06:15 (16h 05m).
  • Overnight flight with lie flat seat in an Airbus A380.
  • WI-FI, On-demand video and In-seat & USB port available.
  • 1h 30m stop in Bangkok – time for a coffee while waiting for the next flight. £5
  • Departure from Bangkok (BKK) at 7:45, arrival in Manila (MNL) at 10:55 (3h 10m)
  • Extra reclining seating on the Boeing 777
  • On-demand video and In-seat & USB port available.

I choose the business one-stop flight from London (LHR) to Manila (MNL) because it was one of the quickest flights with a total amount of 16 hours and 5 minutes travelling time and only had one stop where some others could take up to 50 hours and have 4 stops in between which makes this flight stand out to the customers. The fight may also appeal through the available internet access, plug sockets and on-demand video. Also the departure time of the flight is at 18:50 which means that the customers do not have to rush the night before after coming home from work or even in the morning before the flight to pack everything. They will have enough time during their first day off to get everything ready for the flight in the evening. Which will benefit them since they usually need to get up early for work and business meetings; this makes their first day off even through the needed preparation still calm and relaxing. The overnight flight will also prevent the costumers from getting a jet lag because they can sleep in the lie flat seats. The waiting time in between the two flights is also only an hour and a half which gives them time to walk a bit and do some stretches to avoid getting DVT. The rest of the time could be spent by sitting in the Bangkok Cafe’ and Bar on level 4 inside the airport ( to have a cup of tea or coffee in order to wake up properly. I choose the Café because it is in the departure area so that the customers are close to their next flight that they will not have to rush to the departure area in case of any complications or errors such as mixing up the departure time. The final destination of the flight is Manila which is the capital city of the Philippines where the business couple will stay at for their first centre.

(26th of July 2016) Day 2: Arrival in Manila
Total Cost:

  • 2 night stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel in the Executive Suite for 44.000 PHP (£613,62). (
  • King-sized bed, separate office and living area, ensuite bathroom.
  • Bathrobe, slippers and hairdryer.
  • High speed internet, iron and ironing board, 24 hour in room dining.
  • Two 32“ LCD television, DVD player, fully stocked minibar, coffee and tea making facilities, daily newspaper.
  • Pick up service, customers from the hotel will get picked up from the airport.
  • 5 minute walk from Robinsons Mall.
  • Dinner at the sunset lounge.
  • Seventh level with an open sky to watch the sunset.
  • Inside the hotel

The customers will get picked up at the airport with the hotel transport service at 11:00 UK time which is 19:00 local time, so that the business couple will not have to worry about organising transportation or having to deal with public transportation delays. The accommodation I have picked is very appealing to the business couple because of the provided facilities and luxury. The accommodation offers a king sized bed with a separated office to the living area so that the business couple can relax but also do some paper work if something urgent would come up. The room provides bathrobes, slippers, a hairdryer, iron and ironing board which gives the couple all the facilities they would have at home without having to carry it with them on the entire long haul multi centre holiday. Even though the customers will most probably spend more time outside their room rather than inside of it, I though the two LCD TVs would be useful if they would like to relax after a long day of travelling and would not even have to watch the same thing if they wish to watch separate programs such as a football game and the cooking channel. The services also include daily newspapers which can be really appealing to the customers through the ability to look at the local news and to get more in to their culture because the newspaper provides a lot of activities in their surrounding and a look in to the locals’ views and personality. The location of the Pan Pacific Hotel is also really appealing through the easily accessible mall nearby and the sea which are both within walking distance. When the costumers arrive they will have time to go to their room to unpack some things and have their dinner at the sunset lounge inside the hotel. This dining place will be very appealing to the customers because they will not have to travel anymore to get to a restaurant outside of the hotel, therefore the arrival will be more relaxing and give them more time to enjoy their dinner and to unpack a few things so that they are ready to start the next day after they wake up. The restaurant offers excellent dishes such as a selection of chicken, pork and pizza dishes as well as cocktails, beers and Pika pikas. The customers could order the Pacific chicken Nachos, Hawaiian Pianizzaa and a San Miguel and Tiger beer which would cost them 1.100P = £15,49.

(27th of July 2016) Day 3: Activities in Manila
Total Costs:

  • Manila Old and New: Sightseeing Tour Including Intramuros and Fort Santiago £64 (
  • 3 hours.
  • Pick up from hotel and drop off at the hotel.
  • Local English speaking tour guide.
  • Traditional Philippine food.
  • Near the sea.
  • Swimming with fish.
  • Watching all types of fish swim around while being in a glass bubble underwater.
  • Taxi back to the hotel. £5
  • Buffet dinner and drink.
  • Pick up service.

The couple will spend their first full day at the destination with an included breakfast inside the hotel followed by a cultural tour to experience the city how it is currently and also how it was in the past to see the changes and what stayed the same over the years. This tour will be massively appealing to the visitors through the high level of cultural information and experience it offers. I picked this tour to start the day in a relaxed but yet interesting way, the customers will get picked up at 9:00 and beguine their 3 hour tour which will then finish at 12:00 and then get dropped off the Pan Pacific Hotel. The visitors will go on a short walk to visit the Aristocrat restaurant which is nearby the sea. The restaurant offers traditional food from the Philippines and is run in a small family business to ensure that their customers have the right cultural atmosphere from the food, over the furniture to the staff. The couple could enjoy a Hototai soup P250 and Satonghon soup P70 as a starter and then have two Clubhouse sandwiches P285 each which would be a total of £12.40. After the approximately 2 hours the couple would spend in the restaurant they could go for a walk to keep their bodies healthy after having lunch. The customers could set off at 14:30 to start their walk at the beach which can take as long as they want it to as long as it will take around an hour. If they finish at 15:30 they will be ready to go to the Manila Ocean Park. The couple will go to the ocean park to experience the natural culture of their destination such as seeing what kinds of fish live in this area. The ocean park will be appealing to the visitors through the activities such as swimming with fish where the customers can become one with the nature. The park is really popular and attracts thousands of people every day. I choose this attraction because the customers could walk along the sea and end their walk at the ocean park where they then could spend a couple of hours before they will get a taxi back to their hotel. This would be the most time saving and also easiest method which will still give them the full cultural holiday feeling they desire. When they arrive back in the hotel after visiting the ocean park, the couple will have time to get changed in to some casual business clothes for their dance show, which starts at 19:30 and also includes a dinner. The pick up service will pick the couple up half an hour before the show starts so that they have time to get ready but also will arrive early enough so that they will not miss anything even if there would be a little bit of traffic. The couple will enjoy the show because they are interested in culture and arts, also the dinner will benefit them to some time alone which can be spend talking about their life and relationship. After the show and dinner will have finished, the pick up service will drive the customers back to their hotel to end the day with.

(28th of July 2016) Day 4: The Culture and Nature of Manila
Total Costs:

  • 8 hours long.
  • Pick up and return from hotel.
  • Bottled water included.
  • Small group tour.
  • Dinner at the Lobby Lounge.
  • Inside the hotel.
  • Maximum capacity 25 guests.
  • International foods.
  • Cocktail, wine and more.
  • Starters, main courses and several drinks 3.825PHP = £55.
  • Taxi from the hotel to the airport.
  • Free transportation (included from the hotel).
  • Flight from Manila (MNL) to Sydney (SYD) £956 for two people.
  • Night flight (22:05 – 09:30).
  • Non-stop flight.
  • 2 night stay in the Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney in the Duluxe-room £467.
  • One king bed.
  • Free internet and TV access.
  • Minibar
  • Breakfast included.
  • Airport pick-up service.
  • Pool.
  • Room service.
  • Gym

Day 4 will begin early at 6:30am where the couple will get picked up to go on to a day trip after they have had their breakfast in the hotel to visit volcanoes. I choose this day trip because it will be extremely appealing to the customers through their interest in Manilas cultural and natural features. The trip will take them around the most active volcano in the Philippines which is an amazing experience. During the volcano tour, the couple will get taught interesting facts about the history of the volcanoes and the environment they are in by their tour guides. The benefit of having a small group to tour around with like this one, is that each customer gets to ask the tour guides question and have individual conversations with them about the place, certain facts or the history overall which will give them a much better and relaxing experience which is another point that makes this activity appealing. The couple would arrive back at the hotel at around 15:00, which gives them enough time to pack and have dinner at the lobby lounge. The lobby lounge may be extremely appealing to the customers through the vide selection of all kinds of alcoholic drinks from all over the world. Also the food menu appeals through its internationality as well as the dining room through the calm atmosphere and small capacity of guests so that the couple can enjoy their meal without many noises and also get to talk to the members of staff for advice on the right wine or dish. Another plus point is that the dining place is inside the customers’ hotel which means they will not have to travel and also have more time to enjoy their last hours before leaving manila. The hotel I have chosen will appeal to the customers first of all through the airport pick up service so that the customers arrive safely at their hotel without any complications. It will mainly appeal through the central position of the hotel, surrounded by several attractions as well as parks and right next to the Susannah Place Museum which appeals to the customer through their interest in culture. Free internet access and the TV inside the couples’ room will be useful to them when coming back from adventures they had during the day time so that they can have a moment to take in all the impressions of the day and may be share them with their friends and family back home before going to bed. The minibar and room service will be just as useful so that they can have a little snack before going to bed even when everything else is shut. The pool inside the hotel gives the customers the opportunity to go swimming and cool down from the hot whether which solves the problem of the missing beach nearby which may be appealing after the free gym visit which is also included in the hotel. Finally the included breakfast made this hotel special because most hotels did not offer breakfast services. This service will save the couple stress in the morning when wanting to eat they will not have to desperately look for an open café or restaurant in the morning while being hungry.

(29th of July 2016) Day 5: From Manila to Sydney
Total Costs:

  • Guided tour through the St. Patrick`s church. £41
  • Lunch at the Barramudi café & bar £35.
  • Nature view.
  • Susannah Place Museum £33.
  • Tour guide.
  • Train from Wynyard station to Kings Cross station 2 adult returns for £41
  • Farmhouse Kings Cross £225.
  • One of the most popular restaurants in the world.

Day five will start with a breakfast in the hotel, the couple will then go for a little five to ten minute walk to the St. Patrick`s church where they will have a 60 minute tour around the church at 10:15 to get to know the history behind the building, area and builder of the church which has been a spiritual oasis in the heart of Sydney since 1844. After the one hour in the church, the couple will make their way to the Barramudi café & bar to have their lunch. This will be very appealing to the travellers through a beautiful view on the park from the restaurant windows and also through its popularity by locals that makes it a less touristy and more cultural place. After they have eaten they can have a walk around the Lang Park which is right in front of the lunch place until they will walk to the Susannah place museum next to their hotel to start a one hour tour around the museum. The museum will interest the customers through their interest in culture and with the tour guide it will give them an excellent understanding of the history of the place. After the museum visit the customers have time to go back to the hotel and test out some of the hotels facilities such as the pool and gym.  After this the couple can take the underground train station from Wynyard to get to the Kings Cross for their dinner. The farmhouse kings cross is a few seconds away from the kings cross station which makes it easily accessible for the travelling customers. The restaurant is one of the most popular and most known once in Sydney which may make it extremely appealing to the customers through their satisfaction over the outstanding food. After they have finished their dinner, the customers can have a look around the city and then travel back to their hotel to relax in front of the TV in their room and message their friends and family about the experiences they have had so far.

(30th of July 2016) Day 6: Sydney to Melbourne
Total Costs:
£1.031 + Fuel costs

  • Renting a car to drive to Melbourne with holiday autos £31 + fuel costs


  • Driving along the costal route (1000Km) approximately 9-hour drive.
  • Possibility to stop anywhere.
  • The Australian ballet £827.
  • Three of the world’s best choreographers.
  • Food places available.
  • One night in The Langham Melbourne £173.
  • Free internet.
  • Room service.
  • Restaurant.
  • Gym.
  • Pool.
  • Located near the Yarra River.

On day 6, the couple will rent a car at 6:00 in the morning to drive from Sydney to Melbourne along the costal route. This transport option gives the customers the independency to stop anywhere they like to take a break and loo at the nature, talk to the locals or go shopping. This makes it to a memorable experience to the customers and also gives them some time to spend to talk to each other while driving or sitting somewhere in the nature while taking a break. The trip appeals to the customers through the changes compared to previous days they have spend on their holiday, just staying local to their hotel room. The costal route gives them the perfect opportunity to find quite places to take a break at, but also gives them an amazing view during the journey. The car hire company is one of the only once which have contacts in Sydney and Melbourne which gives the customers the opportunity to rent the car in Sydney and drop it off in Melbourne without having to drive all the way back. This saves them time and makes it less complicated. After arrival, the customers will go to see a show at the Austrian ballet which has some of the best ballet performances and performers in the world. The excellent choreography the couple will be watching is made up by one of the best choreographers in the world to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The performance room is an incredibly big and beautiful theatre with many seats and a lot of room for the performance. The customers got great tickets with an excellent view on to the stage. The Australian ballet also offers places to eat inside and nearby the place so that the customers can get something to eat before going to their next hotel. Later on the couple will get drive to the Langham Melbourne hotel with their rented car and just leave it on the parking place for the car renting service to pick up. The hotel offers free internet which is always useful as well as the room service. If the customers did not decide on eating near or in the theatre place, they could still choose to have their dinner inside the hotel through the included restaurant. Like one of their previous hotels, this one also offers a pool and a gym to relax and work out in which can be beneficial to the customers. The hotel has got a massive plus point compared to the others in Melbourne because it is located in an excellent area right next to the Yarra river which gives some guests a river view out of their hotel room window. Also attractions such as the Austrian ballet and the arts centre Melbourne are in a walking distance from the hotel which may be extremely appealing to the customers.

(31st of July 2016) Day 7: Melbourne to Wellington
Total Costs:

• Arts centre Melbourne £322.

  • Several events to choose from such as musicals and dance choreographies.
  • Emirates Airline direct flight from Melbourne to wellington (3h 30m) at 16:30 £1.164.
  • No stops.
  • Meal included.
  • Business class.
  • 2 night stay in the Inter Continental Wellington hotel £229.
  • Beach.
  • Free WLAN.
  • Room service.
  • Gym.
  • Spa.
  • Restaurant
  • Airport transfer.
  • Inclusive breakfast.

The customers will start the day with a visit to the arts centre to watch a show or visit an exhibition. The arts centre will appeal to the customers through their interest in culture and entertainment. It will especially attract the customers through its vide rage of options to pick from so that the customers can find which ever show they like the most. The arts centre also appeals to the customers through its location being right next to their hotel, which means they do not need to travel far and can save their energy for the travelling to Wellington later on. The flight the couple will be on is a direct flight without stops which reduces the travel time to three and a half hours. Another advantage the flight has is that it includes a free meal which saves the customers trouble in finding a place to eat before going to the airport, this also ensures that the customers will not miss their flight because they forget about the time while having their meal. The business class flight ensures excellent service and extremely comfortable seats and enough space. By the time the customers will arrive, it will be around 22:00 where the couple can get picked up by the company of their final hotel to unpack and go to sleep. The hotel attracts through being located close to the beach as well as several attractions.  The rooms offer free breakfast, internet and available room service. The hotel offers a spa and gym which are included in the price to ensure the customers health and wellbeing. The customers already took advantage of the airport service with which they got picked up when they arrived. Besides these appealing features the hotel claims to have, the online reviews by previous customers are also promising with mainly having a five out of five star rating. This will give the customers the feeling that they will be in good hands and not regret their bookings.

(1st of August 2016) Day 8: Activities in Wellington
Total Costs:

  • Walk Wellington (2 hours) £18.
  • Fresh air.
  • Exercise.
  • Museum of Wellington city & sea (roughly 1 hour).
  • Voted one of the worlds to fifty museums.
  • Experience the culture and history.
  • Lunch at the Dockside restaurant.
  • Sea view.
  • Freshly caught fish.
  • HeliPRO (10-20 min.) £90.
  • Seeing the city from another perspective.
  • Pilot points out places and tells stories about them.
  • Possibility to ask questions and decide where to fly to.
  • Chamelon Restaurant and Bar £63
  • 3 course menu
  • Five star ratings on tripadvisor.
  • Artistic plate decoration.

Day eight will start with a walk at 10 in the morning. This walk will give them the perfect experience of the area including a lot of fresh air and some exercise. I picked this so that the couple can get away from the hotel and start their day outside which may also give them the chance to meet new people and talk to them about the place and experiences. Also the price is extremely cheap for the two hour work including an informative tour guide. After the walk, the couple will visit the museum of wellington which is one of the best museums worldwide. This is an excellent opportunity for the tourists to experience the culture and discuss with other museum visitors what they think of the place how it was in the past compared to now. At around 14:00 the couple will have time to have some lunch at the Dockside restaurant. The dockside restaurant is perfect for a young couple because it is romantic and includes a sea side view. Also the food is excellent through the fresh caught fish they serve in the restaurant. After having a relaxing lunch at the restaurant the couple can set off with new power to experience an incredible helicopter flight over the city. This gives the couple the opportunity to see the city from another perspective as well as asking the pilot any questions about the place and suggesting special areas they want to see from above. The day will end with a restaurant visit to the chameleon restaurant and bar where the tourists can have a 3 course menu at the five star rated restaurants for only £63. The plates get decorated by artists which gives the customers a whole new experience on how they get their food presented. This makes their food appealing through the look as well as the excellent taste. After the meal the couple will return to their hotel to pack for their flight back home.

(2nd of August 2016) Day 9: Returning from Wellington to London
Total Costs:

  • Flight from Wellington (WLG) to London (LHR) £2.852
  • 27 hour flight
  • 2 stops

The customers will set off in the morning to get to the airport and board on their first flight. This flight only has 2 stops and is compared to the others the quickest from wellington to London that’s why I have picked this one. This will be the end of the couple’s journey.

The total cost for the entire 10 day trip would be around £12.199,25 plus fuel and extra snack costs.



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*Note that this assignment has not been corrected since the date it was written for comparison purposes. The writers age was 17 & is meant to represent a Sixth Form/ College writing level.


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